Our Seattle Location is Closed

First off, thank you to every customer and employee that has made the last 6 years in our neighborhood unforgettable, joyous, and successful… But today is a hard day as so many have been the past 7 months. It is now “official” that I have to let go of our lovely beach club on 17th ave. We are closing our Ballard location effective immediately. There are no sufficient words I can say to all of you that helped build No Bones. But I will try.

I founded No Bones as a labor of love because I knew in my heart that if people had access to delicious plant based food choices in a judgment-free lively atmosphere, they would make better decisions #onemealatatime. I still always swell up with tears of joy and pride everytime I hear stories of customers that enjoyed their dining experience with us. Especially from a carnivore but loved their vegan experience! It has been my honor to get to build relationships with so many of you, save countless animals, and donate resources and time to our local animal rescue non-profit partners.

Small business and especially independent restaurants are what brought me to Washington a decade ago. I have adored being part of the community in Seattle! Our little beach club in Ballard was only possible because of your support for the “hottest” food truck in Seattle (and Western Washington!) during the early years – No Bones About It! I have so many beautiful memories of our customers. I’ve loved watching the babies that first visited my food truck grow up into the next generation of vegan warriors. I hope we have given you even a little bit of all you have given us.

The restaurant industry I love with my soul has been stretched so thinly over the last few years, and it officially broke in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside down. Like you, we are all devastated, exhausted and troubled by what is happening in our society today.

I have weighed every last option to keep my employees and customers safe while still being able to feed you all, which is my daily passion. But the truth is that our tiny kitchen – the one that cooked an almost impossible amount of food on those bustling Saturdays all summer long- just wasn’t built for social distancing. We can’t safely turn out enough vegan bites to cover the cost.

I am humbled by your patience while we’ve remained closed. I waited to evaluate how to operate safely with so many factors affecting my employees and customers. I waited to see if the health situation improved, but it has not. I waited for our landlord to listen to reason and work with us to save the business, but they never did. I waited to see how our country was going to handle this pandemic, but continued to see how too many of our leaders are failing to meet the challenge. Sadly, we have run out of time to wait.

The world and our industry is always in a constant state of change and we all need to stay open to new ideas and possibilities. It’s still up to all of us to use our voices and actions to create positive change for the voiceless: animals, underrepresented communities, and the planet. The No Bones team will never be done working for the world we want to see. We will navigate this uncertain territory and find new ways to be the change. If we can rebuild a food truck that was totaled in a fire in our first 6 months of business and still thrive, then we will survive this and keep our mission alive.

Use your voice to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd!
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And as always,

Love, MacKenzie & the No Bones team